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A simple, Sustainable Idea

Turning scrap drywall into bedding for dairy cattle - that’s the idea that Troy Lautenbach, an unemployed, broke college graduate, had way back in April of 1991. With the idea, a company called T & T Recovery was born and we have been leading the way in recycling ever since.
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A Family-Owned Company


Eight years later, in 1999, it was obvious that larger equipment and better trucks were needed. Along with his brother Torrey, Troy started Lauts, Inc., and began hauling commingled construction debris. Their mission to improve recycling and sustainability was well underway!
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Award-Winning Quality


Currently, with nearly 50 employees, 10 roll-off trucks, four live floor trailers, four excavators, a large fleet of other vehicles and equipment, including over 200 roll-off boxes - Lautenbach Recycling services contractors, businesses, and individuals all up and down the I-5 corridor. We have managed the San Juan Transfer Station since 2014, leveraging our equipment, experience, and service into a cost-effective, Recycle First philosophy for the island.




Provide sustainable waste material solutions to our region with an unmatched level of service through transparency, expertise, and value.


Be the region’s preferred partner in providing sustainable waste solutions.


Safety - We provide a safety first work mentality. We are committed to establishing a culture of constant risk assessment by providing education, equipment, and personnel to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and business partners.

Quality - We strive to create a quality based culture. We ensure a consistent, and flexible approach through education and communication to maintain the highest material quality standards of our industry.

To Be A Strong Business Partner - We build strong partnerships with our regulators, customers, and business partners by understanding their needs, respecting their values, and establishing trust by doing what we say we will do.

Great Place to Work - We are a company people want to be part of. A company that rewards our employees and makes them proud. We involve our employees and build connections. We work hard to create growth opportunities to maximize personal and professional development. We recognize and create value for our employees.
Work Smart - We take great pride in knowing and understanding the bigger picture. We strive to provide a roadmap, yet remain flexible to think ahead so that we can provide a cost effective and efficient way to do business.

Work Hard - We commit to getting the job done. We consistently set the pace we work by establishing reasonable expectations, putting forth necessary goals, and maintaining a staff of employees who are committed to the drive and fortitude it takes to follow through.

Reinvest in Ourselves - We invest in our people, processes, and tools. We are committed to providing education, opportunity, and quality processes, and tools to enable us to create unique value.

Remain Fiscally Responsible
- We operate a fiscally disciplined company by making educated financial decisions.